What’s in my bag?

Here’s in-depth review of things I currently own and extensively use them while travelling.

Canon 90D


Canon 90D

Even in the age of mirrorless market I still would prefer a DSLR any time of the day and therefore no regrets in buying my Canon 90D. Being the latest mid-range DSLR by canon it is equipped with new Dig!c 8 processor. I wouldn’t go in extreme details on how 90D is still worth in this growing era of  mirrorless between both amateurs and professionals but I do say this that it is by far the best that money can money in this price range.

From shooting 4K at 30FPS to pushing the shutter to as fast as 1/16000th of a sec with 10 frame per second, this camera right here is definitely packing a lot of heat.




Canon 18-135mm f/3.5-5.6 USM

This has to be the most popular and versatile lens after the basic kit lens. Upgrade to the older IS II version of the lens, this one is much faster and can be equipped with canon PZ-E1 Power Zoom. I use this lens basically every time and never disappointed.



Canon 50mm f/1.8 STM

By far the best budget lens canon ever released and its amazing features being as wide as f/1.8 bring out the best in portraits as well as landscapes. And it’s always on my camera when I’m doing portraits or sometimes landscapes in low light. 

Benro i15 Trip


Benro iTrip IT15 Aluminium Tripod

Let me start with this… it took me a week! yes, a week to find a perfect tripod in my budget and being using this for quite few months now… I’m genuinely happy with my choice. Being very much compact in size, this is like a perfect buddy for your camera while travelling. From a strong aluminium body to having a ball head, this is my go-to tripod and it definitely can be yours as well. PS: It can be a monopod as well, yes you heard me right.



Hoya Digital Filter Kit II

This is by far the best entry level of a filter kit from Hoya that you can get for your camera.Kit includes a basic yet durable UV Filter, one Circular Polarizer and ND 8 Filter. And they have pretty much all the sizes available for your lens. And let me tell you, after using this new CP filter once or twice in harsh sunlight I am impressed with the dynamic shadows and glare-free shots.


Camera Bag

Lowepro Tahoe BP 150

So far I have used cheap and not much reliable camera bags but as I brought my new camera I decided to move for a good and safe option to carry my 90D around and it does it’s job pretty damn well. Only things missing here is a raincover, so in case someone from Lowepro reading this… you know what to do.

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